LIVRO You can stick that up your arse!: An account, by two brothers, of their personal journeys, which will hopefully do for prostate cancer what ‘50 Shades’ did for sadomasochism. (English Edition) PDF Andy Barham



Early in 2012 David Barham was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In September of the same year his brother Andy (10 years his junior) was similarly diagnosed. This book, written as two separate yet convergent accounts of their experiences, details the day-by day, week-by-week and month-by-month struggle to deal with this disease. Due to the age difference and slight variations in the disease progression, each brother brings an insight of the two main treatments for this particular cancer. Wherever possible the information given is accurate, however it is all provided in recollection, so some points may be a little more ‘fuzzy’ than others. Almost without exception, the information available to those diagnosed with prostate cancer (and all other forms of cancer for that matter) is very dry and factual by necessity. This book endeavours to give an accurate, insightful and even occasionally humorous account of what it is really like to face this cancer and deal with the effects of the ‘cure’.Initially the brothers felt the book would simply be of benefit to those facing a similar dilemma. However, after discussing the intended content and looking at the early notes and drafts, they soon realised that it may well benefit a far wider audience. Those with family and friends with various cancers could better understand the traumas faced by their loved ones. Even members of the medical profession; Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, could learn a thing or two about what the patient actually goes through!