LIVRO What Is KO?: Dr.F’s Fightology (English Edition) PDF Takuya Futaesaku



This book is not an ordinary text book of fighting sports. The Japanese famous sports doctor who is a specialist in fighting sports , Dr. Futaesaku,by through his own experience and supporting various kinds of fighters, including UFC fighter,K1 champion, Karate world champion.Taking long years research and experiment, finally he reached “The Principle Of Human Body & Mind”, and “Evidence Of Strength” from medical science point of view.Now he released Fightology book to all the fighters who really wants to be stronger.Research presentation of “Fightology” has a profound effect on fighting world. This is his first public book release in English. This will be the Good News to all of the fighting sports practitioners. Please enjoy the challenging thesis to the world!————–Contents1:What Is KO? -Brain-1-1 KO in facial attack1-2 Rotation of head and structure of cervical vertebra1-3 Condition of KO Part 1 ~ Course ~1-4 Condition of KO Part 2 ~ Speed ~1-5 Condition of KO Part 3 ~ Surprise ~1-6 KO Training Method for Kicking1-7 Real Grappler Baki’s words1-8 Pinch turn over KO2:What Is KO? -Body-2-1 KO with body blow2-2 We don’t feel pain on the liver or the stomach itself2-3 KO and peritoneum2-4 Body structure and protection2-5 KO strategy ~double strike, triple strike~2-6 Attack of a pain on surface, attack reaching deep place2-7 A strike of shifting the part to hit2-8 Breathing and body attack2-9 What moment is breathing in?2-10 Thorax and KO2-11 Technics and tactics3:What Is KO? –Low Kick-3-1 KO with low kick3-2 Experiment3-3 Lower limb anatomy3-4 Area with much sensation of pain3-5 Points that collapse by low kick and damage on the kicking side3-6 Adjust point to point3-7 Practice through humans3-8 Invisible things come to be able to see4:What Is KO? -KO sense-4-1 What is the biggest reason why you can not knockdown the opponent? 4-2 Reduce exercise becoming weaken4-3 Bringing in the medical essence4-4 One & only style4-5 Fixing memory of being able to do ———————I congratulate Dr. F for his incredible work for the health of the practitioners of the martial arts.His scientific research about the best way to prevent injuries in hard training – which the athletes are submitted – and the correct way to practice some techniques, will help both professional fighters as the beginners, to have health and quality of live.I suffered many injuries caused by the hard trainings without any scientific orientation.Now, with the research of Dr.F, the new generation of practitioners of martial arts will have a correct orientation to practice the martial arts with a healthy way.My sincere thanks for this as important work for the martial art and budo.Osu!Seiwakai Kaicho,Ademir Da Costa———————-He is not just a scientist with sufficient basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology… to carry out this deepening task. He is also “one of us”, able to address this study from our perspective, from the knowledge of a martial artist. And this is what makes the analysis much more adjusted to our demand.From these lines and from the great affection I have for him, I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for this great work, wishing Dr.F all the success he deserves,and hoping that he always keeps that clean gesture on his face.Kyokushin WKB CEO,Hanshi Pedro Roiz——————-Fightology World TeamHiroshi Katsui/Mauricio Carranza/Fabio Rosch/Moisés Fallas Wahrmann/Juan Ma Z Piedra/David Orsini/Dan Nakamura/Hon Kuen Ma/Masashi Saito/Hideo Kato/Juan Carlos Auge Ros/Jason Lam/Daniel Perez/Jason Droguett/Angus Wong/Chi Kin Fung/Gavin Szeto