LIVRO The Walking Dead and the Collective Imaginary on Epidemics (Medicine in Television Series) (English Edition) PDF Josep M. Comelles



Though series such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Fargo and True Detective scooped the major international awards, in the light of data from countries that publish audience levels, The Walking Dead is the most-watched series on cable TV. The same occurs in Spain. Is this a further example of viewers’ preference for action and violence over complex and convoluted storylines? Perhaps, but the truth is that the series tries to go beyond the horror-series stereotype, and aims to analyze how far human beings will go when struggling to survive. The Walking Dead has not just earned viewers’ applause, but also garnered academic interest. Theses, monographs and dozens of articles in science journals focus on the walking dead and its groups of survivors. Under the umbrella of such success, zombies and the undead are once again clamoring for attention, since The Walking Dead is another link in the chain of audiovisual products focused on such figures. In these pages, we highlight some of the cinematic milestones related to the living dead, their close relationship to the collective imaginary on epidemics and how this tradition crystallizes in the series, along with its peculiarities.