LIVRO The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Physical Therapy: Travel the Nation, Maximize, Income, Build Unbeatable Experience (English Edition) PDF Emma Shapiro



Traveling physical therapy is an emerging career path that can provide medical professionals with the ability to build unbeatable experience, travel the nation for free, and get paid almost double what standard full time positions would provide! The problem is that the information about traveling PT is not readily available and many new travelers lack reliable guidance to understand if this is the best route for their career. The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Physical Therapy is the one and only guide you will need to succeed as a traveling physical therapist. In this book, I will unveil the secrets of this mysterious career path and share how to really succeed as a traveler! All 16 chapters of this book are filled with the steps, tools, and wisdom you will need to become a lucrative and sought-after PT. Do you want to learn how to make almost double your current salary? Do you want to have recruiters call you weekly with amazing job opportunities around the nation? Do you want to know how to be a PT that isn’t burnt out? Do you want to be a PT who can spend more time with their family and go on amazing vacations? Traveling physical therapy is the career path that could provide you with these amazing benefits, and in this book I will detail how you can make this career path a reality! As a practicing physical therapist with years of experience as a traveling PT, I learned all the hard lessons and I am ready to share my experiences with future traveling healthcare workers!