LIVRO The Ultimate Guide To Leasing Commercial Space: Part I: Pre-leasing, New Leases and Relocation (English Edition) PDF Kerissa Savea



You’ve done it! You’ve taken the leap and started your own business, congratulations! Next on your To Do List is leasing a space for your business to call “home.” As you come back down from the excitement of all you’ve accomplished so far, you realize that *gulp* you have no idea where to begin! Don’t panic, you got this. This series was created for people just like you! People who are not real estate professionals but want the comfort that comes with having an understanding of the leasing process as a whole and the satisfaction of understanding the leasing process as it pertains to you and your business. Yes, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. In Part I of The Ultimate Guide to Leasing Commercial Space, we start at the start. We’ll go through a pre-leasing checklist that is designed to help each business, no matter the industry, figure out what kind of space it needs and where. We’ll discuss whether enlisting the aid of a real estate agent is what’s best for your needs. You’ll be provided with a property tour checklist that will help ensure that you get the space you want with the features you need in a location that meets both your budget and your customers’ needs. We’ll discuss the proposal process and you’ll see examples of standard terms and conditions that you’re likely to see a variation of during the negotiations and you’ll get a peek at what to watch out for and what to insist on. From there, we’ll go over some key points that are standard in most leases, some to avoid and some to insist on. And finally, we’ll finish out this leg of the journey with some follow-up items that are important to you and your business after the lease document has been signed. At the end of Part I, you’ll be almost as knowledgeable as any real estate agent and, hopefully, more comfortable with the process and choosing the right space. This book is a collection of the author’s experience in the commercial real estate industry which spans over a decade in one of the hottest and fastest moving markets in the country, the Hawaii commercial real estate market. Go in with confidence and come out the proud new tenant of a spot made just for you.