LIVRO The Truth About Roswell PDF Dark Soul



New and updated insight into the mysterious craft that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Standard Roswell UFO lore sorted fact from fiction by Anna Jones and interviews with The Wanderling.“Swooping in behind and over his left shoulder from out of the northwest and only a few hundred feet above the top of the truck were 2 large sharp-edged almost flat circular-shaped objects, blunt across the back and seemingly made of metal. The objects were flying side-by-side with one slightly in front, both headed ESE out over the horizon at an incredible high rate of speed. In only the few seconds it takes the boy to scramble up from under the dash, the objects are gone, leaving in their wake only a small residue lingering in the air like the smell of electricity and a quarter-mile wide swath of thick swirling air laying turbulently above the treetops like a sweltering mirage over a desert dry lake.” (source)In the summer of 1947 a young boy was traveling with his uncle visiting various archaeological sites and places of interest throughout the desert southwest. On Fourth of July weekend of that year, his uncle — a notorious bio-searcher with strong ties to southwestern Native American cultures and who because of his discoveries will eventually have several plant species named after him — had taken the boy as part of their exploration to learn firsthand about “The Long Walk” endured by the Navajos and Apaches as well as visit the gravesite of Billy the Kid near Fort Sumner, New Mexico.As they were about to turn onto a main highway from a side road near Fort Sumner, they were stopped by a 5-or-6 truck convoy of military vehicles headed northeast at a high rate of speed. Several were carrying huge wooden crates, some covered with tarps. A few days later, a famous meteorite hunter informs the boy’s uncle some mysterious objects have been found in the desert near Roswell that have an unknown writing on them. The uncle goes to Roswell to investigate and takes the boy with him. The following contains some of the previously unpublished insights taken from the boy’s reminisces and conversations with his Uncle, interjected into, thus modifying standard Roswell UFO fare.