LIVRO The Handbook of Quantum Storytelling Consulting PDF David M. Boje



There is a paradigm shift in storytelling consulting. The old one-story-fits-all consulting paradigm of helping companies do elevator pitches, stump speeches and branding their founding story is giving way to what this book calls ‘Quantum’ Storytelling Consulting. In the Quantum age, it’s all about an ensemble of stories rather than branding a single pitch. It’s no longer only about the spoken word or the written narrative, rather it’s about developing the spaces for storytelling processes, the time when storytelling is emerging, and in the kinds of ‘mattering’ or material agency that the storytelling has. In the Quantum age, space, time, and mattering have no separation, so we have ‘spacetimemattering’ storytelling that emerges, self-organizes, and creates the impetus for change management. It is the interplay of many living stories that create the complex forces of change in organizations. This Handbook develops a practical understanding of the new storytelling consulting paradigm, gives case examples, ways to enact practices, and how to do research into its impact and consequences. It is essential reading for all scholars and practitioners of story and narrative consulting.