LIVRO The eye of the tiger: A winning approach to business success and professional development PDF Renato Grinberg



POWERFUL ATTITUDES TO CAREER AND BUSINESS SUCCESSTHE BUSINESS WORLD IS A JUNGLE — BE A “PREDATOR”The professional world is increasingly competitive. We live in a corporate jungle, one which demands we battle every day to advance in our careers and professions. Today, it is not enough to have the right knowledge or the desired skills. You have to have attitudes and approaches that really make you win.For the author, the set of qualities that really makes a professional or entrepreneur stand out from the crowd pertain to The Eye of the Tiger Strategy, an approach that will help you develop your ability to:• Know your strengths and weaknesses• Transform your dreams into clear objectives• Be dedicated and resilient• Be creative in solving problems• Seize opportunities• Expand your professional network• Manage your own positioningGrit, determination, and an unrelenting focus define the behavioural characteristics of successful people. Adopt The Eye of the Tiger Strategy and be the professsional that every company wants on their team.The Eye of the Tiger Strategy is a book that teaches professionals and entrepreneurs how to further their careers and be successful in the ever-competitive job market.