LIVRO The ABC of Digital Publishing (English Edition) PDF Linda Gray



This handy book will take you step by step through publishing your book in 12 big online book stores, including iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.There’s a comprehensive guide to formatting a word document for all platforms with helpful tips to avoid formatting issues. It can cost upwards of $49 to format your book for Kindle. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to format like a pro!The author, Linda Gray has published five print books and 45 digital products and has developed this step by step guide to publishing your book as quickly and efficiently as possible.Whether you want to publish a special report to promote your business, a children’s story, a how-to non-fiction book, or a full on novel, this instant downloadable ebook will help you publish your book to all the big retailers in minutes – at NO extra cost. You won’t have to buy any software or hire any other professional. All taken care of!The ABC of Digital Publishing deals entirely with publishing an ebook – not writing techniques, promoting or marketing your book. This is the techy bit – made nice and easy – between writing and marketing. Here’s to your publishing success!