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What is the logic implicit in the book of Revelation? How can you interpret a book for a language of symbols and figurative terms? In our teaching practice, you realize that people can not see a sequence of thoughts inherent in the text. This makes interpretations that do not obey the formalism of literary criticism, much less the norms of biblical exegesis. I can not lose sight of the fact that the messages are bam here. From their original languages ​​were being translated and sometimes partially lost, until arriving at the way as we know it today. From the Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Protestant Reformation had been characterized as a movement that valued a grammatical exegesis of the Word of God. In spite of the great advances made in the techniques of biblical interpretation, an efficient way for an interpretation of the book of the Apocalypse has not yet been reached, making it a text that causes astonishment; I do not know by his message. Consider, therefore, as the case of concepts, for circles of biblical interpretation, for the means of understanding the message of this text, for the sense of reducing and, who knows, eliminating as speculative sources. Through a parallel between the school texts of Matthew 24 and a book of Revelation, we proceed to make a historical and philosophical analysis of the writings, thus having a logical and almost complete understanding of the messages.