LIVRO SYMPHONIC HEART – Orchestral Overture (Orchestral Score/Parts): Contemporary Classical Music (Marcos de Menezes – OPUS Livro 1) PDF MARCOS DE MENEZES



SYMPHONIC HEART – Orchestral Overture (Musical Score: conductor and orchestral parts)© Copyright – Marcos De Menezes / Pelo Concerto Das CoisasSymphonic work for choir and orchestra (composed in 2015 by Marcos de Menezes and dedicated to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais), that exalts the libertarian spirit of the slogan in Minas Gerais state´s flag: Libertas Quae Sera Tamen.ABOUT THE COMPOSER Hello. I am Marcos de Menezes.I am a Brazilian symphonic composer. It is very difficult for a symphonic composer to evolve as a creator because he does not have an orchestra on his hands to experiment. A solution is to use the modern resources that the symphonic samples present to us today; however, to create and work with a virtual orchestra requires lots of experimentation. After years of studies and tests, I am now offering virtual recordings of the symphonic works I have been composing since the 1990s. The result will serve the purpose of making my works known, but I hope that my music will not be limited to the virtual world and can achieve concert halls. After all, for that they were created. Complete scores of all my works can be requested (e-mail: [email protected]). Note: all my symphonic works can be normally performed by a traditional symphonic orchestra.Aesthetically speaking, I am a tonal composer, for I do not believe in the dogma of the emancipation of dissonance launched by Arnold Schoenberg in 1910. The harmony I use is of a classical nature, without the use of chromatisms and alterations, because I believe that the excess of these elements has led to a spiritual and aesthetic degradation in Western music.Thus, one can say that I am a conservative and restorative composer. My musical label is “For the Concert of Things”, because I think that a “Symphonic Mentality” can create and maintain harmony and happiness in life. I also think that the traditional Western music (Bach, Mozart and Beethoven) did that. Therefore, I believe it is my duty as a composer to preserve this heritage.For me, composing means to be a medium for the wisdom of the sounds, which is basically spiritual wisdom.Thank you for enjoying and spreading my music.Marcos de Menezes, Brazil, [email protected]:// THE WORK:Libertas – Symphonic Poem of the Mines (in four movements)Composed for 1 piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 1 contrabassoon, 2 trumpets, 3 horns, 3 trombones, 2 tubas, 1 xylophone, Tubular bells, 2 harps, varied percussion, tympanums, soloist Or solo violin), chords, boys’ choir and mixed adult chorus.Mov.1: Search and Discovery of Gold.Mov. 2: Illusion and Disillusionment in the Mines.Mov. 3: Libertas Quae Sera Tamen.Mov. 4: The Gold of Freedom.The accomplishment of a musical work around the question of “gold” seemed to the composer a natural consequence (apparently still not explored musically) of the experiences of any artist from Minas Gerais. The symbolic game between the term “miner” and the name of inhabitant of Minas Gerais is the symbolic base of the work, which explores a metaphorical trajectory that starts with the discovery of gold, goes through the sufferings of the miners in the mines, and finally explores the idea of Freedom (Libertas Quae Sera Tamen), considered to be the “true gold” of Minas Gerais´s State.