LIVRO Survival Medicine: The Best Ways To Stop Bleeding (English Edition) PDF Max Wolfe



In this book you are going to find helpful tips and suggestions that can help you to deal with a situation that could mean life or death for yourself or another individual (s) if you are not aware of survival medical techniques. In this day and age the world is full of many uncertainties and there is natural and man made disasters happening all over the world at an alarming rate. Many of us do not get involved and take charge as much as we should in knowing things such as how to deal with emergency situations when there are no authorities around that can handle the situation at hand. You never know when you could find yourself in a situation like 911, hopefully this will not happen. However we cannot wish many man made and natural disasters away. The best thing that we can do to help protect ourselves and loved ones is to be prepared.We need to accept that the public servants that we normally depend on to deal with medical emergencies may not be there to help us in our time of need. Studies have shown that public servants admitted that in a true serious catastrophe situation they would not report to duty. So with this shocking information it is a good idea to accept the fact that you may be on your own in dealing with medical emergencies during a catastrophe situation. But the people that we depend on to look after us in emergency situations they will be too busy taking care of their own loved ones in a national emergency situation. In this book you will learn: medical preparedness learn to provide emergency medical treatment the importance of hygiene and sanitation dealing with infections how to deal with environmental factors how to treat injuries how to treat chronic and medical problems in an emergency situation also knowing how to deal with other various medical issues medications and how to use them