LIVRO Salvo pelo Bonus: Os próximos 50 anos de música PDF Tavynho Bonfa



I dedicate this book to people who want to have a better life and seek tools for this. Some passages will be directly in this function, anyway, along, I cannot fail to mention in other passages people who helped me in developing this vision. Most indirectly. I took the decision without consulting or else my need to register by writing. This is a true story and at least helping out a part of society that is seeing something different or crave this truth.I am writing myself, and let this registered here. For such didn’t hire any writer or ombudsman, this because I met wealthy people that did so. Then throws that beautiful book, cover and spectacular stock sheets, but that does not transmit personhood, or gain in reality, and born without the soul of the author. In this way, it is a book that all your taste in reading it will be directly related to me. I will be your holder contempt or discord, and also your affection and admiration.I will summarize 50 years in music, targeting the next 50 without being too autobiographical, and putting some of the high points of his career, but come on! How well did the conductor Lincoln Olivetti, I am a “Vamolista”! At the time it took me awhile to understand the term, but are those people who say: come on! Subject outside the music our average late maestro Lincoln. For being brilliant, of course I was in trouble for this! So, being a hopeful I’m a Agoravista! You will now!