LIVRO Risk and Return for Regulated Industries PDF Bente Villadsen



Risk and Return for Regulated Industries provides a much-needed, comprehensive review of how cost of capital risk arises and can be measured, how the special risks regulated industries face affect fair return, and the challenges that regulated industries are likely to face in the future. Rather than following the trend of broad industry introductions or textbook style reviews of utility finance, it covers the topics of most interest to regulators, regulated companies, regulatory lawyers, and rate-of-return analysts in all countries. Accordingly, the book also includes case studies about various countries and discussions of the lessons international regulatory procedures can offer.Presents a unified treatment of the regulatory principles and practices used to assess the required return on capitalAddresses current practices before exploring the ways methods play out in practice, including irregularities, shortcomings, and concerns for the futureFocuses on developed economies instead of providing a comprehensive global reviewsForeword by Steward C. Myers