LIVRO Perfect Practice: How to Build a Successful Functional Medical Business, Attract Your Ideal Patients, Serve Your Community and Get Paid What You’re Worth (English Edition) PDF Sachin Patel



Are you struggling to attract patients that value your care?Are you having difficulty building a business around your passion?Are you losing sleep at night knowing you can have a bigger impact? Learn how to overcome the common challenges that functional medicine practitioners face when starting their practice. As healthcare providers, practitioners lack key competencies in marketing, business systems, and automation to attract patients that “get it”. It always been done for you. As a result of this mismatch, practitioners often lower their prices, slash their profits and lose sleep at night wondering how to make ends meet all while their patients never get the results they deserve. Perfect Practice will show you a blueprint on how you can help every patient that walks through your door and provide life-changing value to the clients that you work with. Learn how to build rapport and trust with your audience, leverage modern day technology, and gain amazing insights into the cash-based practice of the future. In a patient-centered model, Functional Medicine Practitioners are only as good as the clients they attract. This book will help you reach more people with your message, provide a higher level of service, and deliver amazing clinical outcomes.