LIVRO Orthodontics and Implantology: Vol 43 (English Edition) PDF Dr. Chris Chang



Number One ProfessionI recently read in an AJO-DO editorial, that Orthodontics is now ranked as the No. 1 jobin America. This was deduced from the following seven criteria: median salary, employmentrate, 10 year growth volume, 10 year growth percentage, future job prospects, stress levelsand work-life balance. Orthodontists are usually able to plan and work at their own paceand also enjoy great satisfaction from their craftsmanship and great feedback from theircustomers.From my humble “country boy” background to be a member of the elite No. 1 profession,how lucky I am!!As many of you know, my career has also taken on an extra dimension, speaking andteaching about Orthodontics, which I now feel even more honoured to do, as it is the No. 1profession!Earlier this year I was delighted to have been one of the key speakers at the AAO in frontof a 3,000+ full house in the biggest auditorium, which, according to a young doctor, wasthe only time that the auditorium was full during this 4 day event. The feedback has beengreat; Dr. Lee Graber publicly commented that in the past his highest mark for excellentspeakers was A+, however this year he’d give Chris Chang A+++. Dr. Larry White wrote anemail to me saying that “in the 50 years of presentations at the AAO, I’ve never seen suchadoration (by the audience)”. Dr. Tom Mulligan wrote: “The crowd was so large there wassimply no way I could make my way through in order to say “hello” and “thank you” for yourgreat presentation”.I look forward to being a regular key speaker at this event for many years to comeand hope that I can inspire the younger generation of Orthodontists to also join me inadvancing the No. 1 profession.Of course, all this would have not been possible without the great support of my family,my mentor Dr. Eugene Roberts, as well as countless professionals who have helped andinspired me. I cannot mention them all here, but you know who you are – Thank you.Let us keep marching along the path to glory and make the most of our opportunity tobe involved in, improve and further our great No. 1 profession.