LIVRO Options Trading: A Quick and Easy Guide for Beginners to Start Trading (English Edition) PDF Pete Manlow



So you want to start options trading? There’s not a better book out there to get you started. That’s a bold statement, I know, but it’s hard to top the amount of expertise and valuable insight that’s been jampacked into this book in order to allow it to be a very solid and powerful tutorial for learning the realm of options trading.Over the course of this book, you’re going to learn quite a lot of things, such as: where options trading originated; how to start options trading; the best option brokers; the common mistakes that a lot of beginning traders make (and how to avoid them); and how to speak “options trader”, giving you the knowledge that you need in order to understand the often technical discussions that can frame talk about options trading.This is a complex form of trading that takes a keen mind and a lot of research to be good at, and a lifetime to master. However, there’s not a better book out there specifically designed to get you on the path to being a master of options trading. Over the course of this book, you’re going to go from learning the very basic concepts to feeling very adept and like the entire financial world is your oyster.So take the plunge. Pick up the best book for a beginner to learn options trading, bar none, and learn to be competent at this very complex and rewarding trade.