LIVRO Meeting of The Eagles PDF Eliel Marins



Meeting of the Eagles. Time for meetings, challenges, a new life. Live a new story, generated by love. A story created by ourselves, written with courage, forgiveness and creativity. A journey to communion, sharing experiences, experiences, fears and hopes. This book, written by Dr. Eliel Marins, is an invitation to seek new horizons, to live in a grandiose way. A challenge to undertake a “fabulous journey of encounters for an even better life”. No one better than Dr. Eliel to write such a challenging book – pastor, theologian, and psychoanalyst. His life is dedicated to speaking of the great challenges that the Lord has for us, in order to make us like the eagle, to lead us to the heights of victories and blessings.Behold, as an eagle it shall go up, and fly, and spread forth its wings … (Jeremiah 49:22).Good reading. And be sure: you will be challenged and blessed. – Pr. Jorge Linhares