LIVRO Immortal Bound (Apsara Chronicles Book 1) (English Edition) PDF T.G. Ayer



Against the rising horde of the underworld, the gods have one weapon: Vee Shankar. Special Agent. Supernatural CSI.Beneath New York’s cosmopolitan veneer lies a darker truth–a concrete jungle of the supernatural kind. But humanity is protected, their souls guarded by ancient and powerful Hindu Gods. The Shankars deal in death–demons, evil spirits, possessions, and even the odd rogue God or two. But Vee’s power to read life essences is a gift and a curse. She’s a Warrior of the Gods, but she’s also in the crosshairs of powerful demonic forces. And from the shadows, dark things come, dogging her every step, threatening her every move.She doesn’t know it, but Vee’s power means more than just a quirk of her DNA. Her true identity is a secret better left untold. But as both her alliance with a mystery informant and her strange powers grow, Vee must confront a truth that will make her question her very existence. Before all hell breaks loose. Literally.