LIVRO Ileostomy Top Twelve Tips for Healthy Living: Simple tips to help you live in harmony with your ileostomy, colostomy, stoma or ostomy. (English Edition) PDF Louisa Moran-Paylor



Here is a guide full of clear, practical advice to support you though everyday life and manage your ostomy.These twelve tops tips are drawn out of my experience and I hope they will help you lead a more positive, less stressful life with an ostomy.A positive approach to ostomy life is half the battle.One top tip is to give your ostomy a name. This gives them a personal element. Mine is called Harry, what is your ostomy called?I have included my own story, my journey from colitis to ostomy which was a bumpy one. I feel grateful for all I have learnt and now live in happy harmony with Harry my ostomy.I do hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful and maybe also find some inspiration for your journey ahead.—————————————————————————————————–Nic Gee: “This guide is a must have tips for all new ostomates.”Carla Wright : “A funny and realistic outlook on life with a stoma, this book made me feel I could live life to the fullest again.”