LIVRO Heartless under pressure: Appeal of a nursing assistant (1) (English Edition) PDF Ali Faiz Salim



As a nursing assistant, Ali Faiz Salim works in Berlin. At first he worked in various old homes, then for outpatient care services. In his work he reports on the enormous time-force that the caregivers have to bow down day after day. The author laments the lack of attention given to people who are dependent on help.Ali Faiz Salim is 31 years old, came 1999 as a 14-year-old from Mombasa/Kenya to the German capital city. After some trials and tribulations, often threatened by deportation, he came into his current profession. Although this was hardly possible and therefore frowned upon, he took the necessary time for the elderly, the sick and the handicapped: not only in the morning body care, but also for the knocking, the personal conversation with home occupants. This led to great conflicts with his colleagues over and over again.Ali Faiz Salim: “The respect for the people who are dependent on help remains first on the track!