LIVRO Growls In The Attic (English Edition) PDF Frank Requa



– “…as usual I am suffering much from doubt as to the worth of what I am doing and fear lest I may not be able to complete it so as to make it a contribution to literature and not a mere addition to the heap of books.” – George Eliot – “…at the beginning of the human race the woman was made of a rib taken from the side of the man while he slept; for it seemed fit that even then Christ and His Church should be foreshadowed in this event. For that sleep of the man was the death of Christ, whose side, as He hung lifeless upon the Cross, was pierced with a spear, and there flowed from it blood and water, and these we know to be the sacraments by which the Church is built up.” – Saint Augustine – “…be indulgent toward those who … are afraid of the aloneness that you trust.” – Rainer Maria Rilke – “…be radical about grace and relentless about truth and resolute about holiness…” – Ann Voskamp – “…because it is correct to make a priority of young people, taking care that they turn out as well as possible…” – Plato