LIVRO Essential Oils for Dogs: The Complete Guide to Safe and Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils for a Happier, Relaxed and Healthier Dog (Includes Essential … – Dog care Book 10) (English Edition) PDF Julie Summers



Improve your K9’s life today with the power of essential oils and aromatherapyThis 3 book bundle will be the only book you need to fully understand how essential oils can help your four legged friend to live a happier life. It will answer all your questions from how to purchase quality essential oils fit for pet use all the way to providing over 100+ recipes to solve all the common physical, mental and emotional issues most dogs experience in their lives. Dogs are truly a gift from nature and the only best way to show our appreciation is to take another gift from nature to better care from them. That gift is essential oils, these powerful oils have been scientifically proven to help, treat and cure physical, mental and emotional issues in both humans and dogs. No longer will you need to use man made chemicals to fix easily solvable ones with essential oils. You no longer need to expose your pup to harmful chemicals that can accumulate overtime, which have been found to cause long term health problems such as allergies, cancer and digestive problems. In this bundle you will learn:- How exactly essential oils work on dogs- How to purchase and store essential oils properly- The safety precautions needed when using essential oils on dogs- How best to introduce this new treatment to your dog- Which oils can be safely used and which are dangerous for dogs- Over 100+ essential oil recipes to answer common dog problems