LIVRO Essential Oils for Dogs: Basic Aromatherapy (Julie Summers – Dog care) (English Edition) PDF Julie Summers



Give your dog a better life with aromatherapy.Dogs are amazing and truly are man’s best friend, but do you find your dog nervous, stressed, or anxious more times than you feel comfortable with? Does your dog have sensitive skin or joint pains? Would you like to improve your dog’s quality of life by allowing them to relax completely? Essential oils can help your canine friend gain balance with their emotional, mental, and physical health. Essential oils are a gentle, non-intrusive method to naturally care for your dog. Every good owner wants the best for their loyal companion, and every great owner understands their K9 buddy deserves to be happy, healthy, and carefree. Essential oils can help you provide that for your dog.Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:How essential oils work on the various body systemsHow to purchase the right essential oils properlyHow to safely store your essential oils to prevent contaminationHow to apply essential oils to your dog safely and easilyWhat to look out for when using essential oils on your dogVarious simple and useful essential oil recipes for your dogMuch, much more!