LIVRO Epigenetics and Systems Biology PDF Leonie Ringrose



Epigenetics and Systems Biology highlights the need for collaboration between experiments and theoretical modeling that is required for successful application of systems biology in epigenetics studies. This book breaks down the obstacles which exist between systems biology and epigenetics researchers due to information barriers and segmented research, giving real-life examples of successful combinations of systems biology and epigenetics experiments. Each section covers one type of modeling and one set of epigenetic questions on which said models have been successfully applied. In addition, the book highlights how modeling and systems biology relate to studies of RNA, DNA, and genome instability, mechanisms of DNA damage signaling and repair, and the effect of the environment on genome stability.Presents original research in a wider perspective to reveal potential for synergies between the two fields of studyProvides the latest experiments in primary literature for the modeling audienceIncludes chapters written by experts in systems biology and epigenetics who have vast experience studying clinical applications