LIVRO DIY Brown Sugar Scrubs (English Edition) PDF C.S. Johnson



You may not know it, but one of the world’s best beauty product is inside your kitchen’s cupboard. It’s brown sugar! This inexpensive product have many skin benefits. Brown sugar:1.Provides instant moisture.2.Exfoliates dry and dull skin, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.3.Removes whiteheads and blackheads4.Prevents acne breakouts.5.Unclogs pores.6.Improves skin tonesInstead of spending exorbitant amounts of money every year on beauty products, why not save money by making your own! I wrote this book for people like you who are sick and tired of spending money on chemicals which only exacerbate their skin conditions. The ingredients are so pure that you can even eat them right out of the container! Everything is organic and natural.