LIVRO Divorcing Well: Getting through Your Divorce with Less Stress and Lower Costs: Helpful Tips to Protect Your Children, Your Savings and Your Sanity (English Edition) PDF Lauren Bokor Esq.



Getting through a divorce is one of life’s most difficult challenges, especially when children are involved. Divorce collaborative lawyer and mediator Lauren Bokor provides separating and divorcing couples with a practical guide to help them navigate these challenges with less stress and expense. With her insightful and informative book, Bokor draws from her decades of professional experiences as a New York divorce lawyer, collaborative lawyer and mediator and explains the choices that those facing divorce have, and the pitfalls to avoid.Lauren’s own personal experience with divorce, and parenting a child after a divorce, enables her to also provide an empathetic perspective, filled with real world tips for couples going through a divorce. Learn ways to protect you and your family, and move on with your life with greater optimism and hope.