LIVRO Death, Dying, and Modern Technology: Making Informed Decisions at the End of Life (English Edition) PDF Enrique A Cordero



Modern technology has blurred the definitions surrounding death anddying. It has cast a veil of doubt upon the idea of discussing end-of-lifeissues regarding realistic, spiritual, and compassionate choices before or atthe end of life. As a result, patients and family members find it increasinglymore difficult to make informed decisions at this most difficult time. Thisself-help guide offers you facts based on research, anecdotes, and suggestedreading–all intended to help you make the right choices when navigating thestormy seas that we will all face someday.  You will learn the difference between Healthcare Advance Directives andDurable Power of Attorney; the reality of CPR, its many possible complications,and how successful it really is. You will learn the difference betweenlife-support and mechanical ventilation, how modern technology prolongs thedying process. You will understand the reality of the financial impact on dyingindividuals and their families. You will learn about prolonging life vs.quality of life. You will understand the confusing term, terminal; what it means to holdon or let go; the consequences ofwithholding the truth from you regarding your illness or outcome, and much more Most importantly, learn to believe in yourself. Learn to empoweryourself with knowledge. Your knowledge will arm you with strength andconfidence, when making life-changing decisions.