LIVRO Cronus Clock : Between another times. PDF Phabio Cordht



Cronus Clock is a gothic fantasy work written by Philippe Cordht and illustrated by Phabio Cordht which is set in the Victorian era.The local newspaper News Gytre has reported that the demonic possession rates by the city of Gytre are growing more and more and that a strange intruder has entered through the gates of the city. Pancer Crosster is a young student of exorcisms in the institution of Grosmond Sórbon, located in the own city of Gytre. Rumors increase with the arrival of a new student named Rolly Requiam, a daughter of landowners from Contenda. Pancer meets Rolly, his life begins to change, he suspects that the coming of the girl along with the mystery of the strange man may be why strange things resurface again at this time in Gregoryria. Just a first glance, a first friction for both of them to find out what they are really dealing with.History blends fiction, horror and romance. Where the reader can enter a totally new and fascinating world on the streets that have no name in Cronus Clock.