LIVRO Confronting an Extraterrestrial: Six Precautions You Must Take (English Edition) PDF Claude Joseph



In September 2015, a YouGov poll found that fifty-four percent of US citizens surveyed believed there are intelligent aliens. In August 2016, scientists detected an Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of the nearest star to our sun, Proxima Centauri. In April 2017, NASA awarded the Tau Foundation a grant to perform an interstellar propulsion review. Meaning, travel between the stars, whether by us or aliens, is considered feasible. By those admissions, intelligent extraterrestrials could reach Earth at any time. If this astounds you, consider how inadequately prepared you are for an alien confrontation. Where is the coaching, instruction, and support to guide you for when one of these beings reaches our planet? Historically, risk management is implemented after a catastrophe. However, we may only have one shot to safely and skillfully handle an alien encounter. This ultimate guide, Claude Joseph’s Confronting an Extraterrestrial: Six Precautions You Must Take prepares you with the practical tips, research findings, humour, and creative ideas that will equip you for such an eventuality.