LIVRO COME NOW, AND LET US REASON TOGETHER: Exploring Concepts of Self-Reliant Medicine (English Edition) PDF David L. Duffy MD



The practice of medicine has gone awry. Intending to relieve suffering, Modern Medicine has focused on the administration of drugs to suppress symptoms. Hippocrates taught long ago that the body manifests the healing process through symptoms. When drugs are used to block the healing effects of symptoms, indeed, patients do feel better, but they remain sick. As we study how the body is designed, we discover that the body maintains a precise balance. Deviation from that balance eventually leads to disease. When we assist the body in restoring its optimal balance, the body responds by healing itself. In order to help ourselves heal, we must study how to take care of and respect our bodies. Each person needs to discover the pattern of living which is optimal for his or her health. Ideally, primary physicians should be partners in this quest. When our bodies cry for help, we should seek to identify factors contributing to illness and take corrective action. We should initiate improvements in health habits and correlate them with the healing process. To be healthy takes courage and self-discipline. This second edition has been re-written to make the field of medicine understandable to persons without prior medical training. Its purpose is to empower you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and live within the boundaries of good health. This approach to health is what I call Self-Reliant Medicine. Come now, and let us reason together.