LIVRO Clinical Homoeopathic Organotherapy: Theory & Practice of Homoeopathy (English Edition) PDF Dr. Jakir Hossain Laskar



There is no royal road to perfect understanding of art of curing. This book is virtually meant for giving the Homoeopaths an out-and-out knowledge about Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy.I have incorporated Mother Tinctures, Biochemic Remedies, Indian Drugs, Specific Medicines, Group Remedies, Definite Medicines, Bedside Medicines, Drug Manuals in Materia Medica part of this book, considering the numerous practical difficulties encountered by most of the practitioners. Every possible attempt has been made for perfect choice of the similimum, amidist complicated symptomatology, from both the phermaceutical and philosophical point if view. I will find my humble endeavour fruitful if the purpose of the Homoeopathic professions could be fulfilled. This unique book of its type has been written with great endeavour and sincerity with the purpose of acquainting our Homoeopathic Practitioners with infallible drugs.We frequently use the word ‘rare’ for some drugs in the vocabulary of our homoeopathic literature – though when a medicine is prescribed frequently to the patients for curing the indicated disease, it then may not be called a ‘rare’ medicine. However, we are accustomed to use the word ‘rare’ against some drugs those have definite indications.The book comprises more than 800 rare drugs with their cardinal therapeutic indications, doses and potency. All the new, old and forgotten remedies and essentials of published clinical experience have been incorporated. The busy doctor of to-day has no time for guess-work or theorizing. He simply wants to know what remedy is radically curative for his patient. I will find my endeavour fruitful and will be amply rewarded if the members of the homoeopathic profession become successful for treating most of the complicated cases by prescribing these specifically indicated drugs.Lastly, I will only be happy to receive any constructive criticism or suggestion from professors, practitioners and students about this book and the method or style of presenting a drug, so that they may be duly incorporated if found worthwhile in subsequent editions.