LIVRO Caterpillar On The Moon (English Edition) PDF Allyson Spitznogle



– “…I am the same personal being who in old times upon the Earth had those experiences.” – William James – “…I could have said something profound, but you would have forgotten it in 15 minutes – which is the afterlife of a graduation speech.” – Art Buchwald – “…I doubt the capacity of the human animal for being dignified in ceremony.” – Virginia Woolf – “…I feel certain that his tale is true. Feeling that certainty, I befriend him. As long as that certainty shall last, I will befriend him. And if any consideration could shake me in this resolve, I should be so ashamed of myself for my meanness, that no man’s good opinion – no, nor no woman’s – so gained, could compensate me for the loss of my own.” – Charles Dickens – “…I had a latent impression that there was something decidedly fine in Mr. Wopsle’s elocution – not for old associations’ sake, I am afraid, but because it was very slow, very dreary, very up-hill and down-hill, and very unlike any way in which any man in any natural circumstances of life or death ever expressed himself about anything.” – Charles Dickens