LIVRO CANCER and CBD OIL: Understanding The Benefits Of Cannabis & Medical Marijuana: The natural, effective, chemical free treatment for breast, prostate, lung, … colon, and brain cancer. (English Edition) PDF Jane Fields



Ever Wondered How CBD Oil Might Affect Cancer? Are you or a loved one struggling through the journey that is cancer, feeling hopeless at times as you watch the deterioration that cancer causes? Do you struggle with traditional pharmaceutical treatments for your cancer and are seeking a natural alternative? If so, “Cancer And CBD Oil: Understanding The Benefits Of Cannabis And Medical Marijuana” is THE book for you! It covers all you need to know about the potential that CBD Oil possesses to help alleviate your cancer symptoms and even battle the cancer itself! CBD Oil is a growing phenomenon as more and more US states and other nations legalize the use of cannabis both medicinally and recreationally. It has been proven to relieve symptoms of many different conditions, such as seizures and epilepsy, body pain and inflammation, anxiety, psychosis and depression. According to some statistics, at least 7.6 million people die each year from cancer throughout the world. 4 million of those people are between the ages of 30 and 69 at the time of their death. Doctors continue to prescribe radiation, chemotherapy, and addictive opioids that either do not work or whose side effects outweigh their benefits. Where can you turn when traditional treatments fail? This book proposes turning to CBD Oils and cannabinoids.What Separates This Book From The Rest?Most other books are either too simplified, resulting in a lack of true understanding of the benefits of Cannabis, while other books are written as research papers far above the vernacular of the modern American. This book combines a great deal of research as well as explanations of the studies and what makes them important in modern, laymen’s terms. You can read this book once and have a deep understanding of how cannabis relates to cancer, and you can also read it again and again for reference and deeper understanding. This book contains a wealth of information ranging from the function of cannabinoids in relation to the proliferation, metastasis, angio-genesis, and apoptosis of cancer cells (all terms which will be explained in depth), to the how cannabinoids affect specific cancers, to various methods of consumption and how they might be useful to an individual struggling against cancer. Backed by a multitude of studies and research, you can begin your journey into the world of cannabis with an informed perspective. You Will Learn The Following: What Is CBD Oil?What Are Cannabinoids?History And Misconceptions About CBD OilHow Oils Are MadeHow CBD Oils Interact With The BodyThe Four Processes Of Cancer And How Cannabinoids Can Interrupt ThemThe Effect Of THC, CBD, And Other Cannabinoids On Various Types Of Cancer And much more!So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in this guide now. You will be amazed by how your life can change for the better in just this short read! Your fight against cancer is not over yet! A long, fulfilling life after cancer awaits you! Download This Guide Now! See you inside!