LIVRO Canadian Pharmacy Exams – Pharmacist MCQ Review, 4th Edition 2018: Pharmacist MCQ Review (English Edition) PDF Dr. Fatima Marankan



Canadian Pharmacy Exams – Pharmacist MCQ Review, 4th Edition 2018. Fully revised and updated according to new PEBC learning objectives. 52 New Questions! 2 New Appendices on Targeted Cancer Therapies! The Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) is a primary exam towards Canadian pharmacy licensure. The MCQ has been designed to evaluate the knowledge of Canadian Pharmacy Graduates and International Pharmacy Graduates seeking licensure. A candidate for the MCQ must be prepared to demonstrate knowledge in the following nine competencies as per the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC®): -Patient Care-Health Promotion-Intra and Inter-Professional Collaboration-Knowledge and Research Application-Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities-Quality and Safety-Communication and Education-Product Distribution-Practice SettingCanadian Pharmacy Exams™ – Pharmacist MCQ Review is designed as a self-study tool to help the student seeking pharmacy licensure in Canada test his/her exam readiness, identify areas of strength and weakness. The book provides and extensive review of the nine competencies listed above. It contains a mix of 450 exam-type questions and answers and case scenarios with solutions. In addition, more than 20 appendices have been included to summarize important drug related adverse effects and interactions. Finally, 5 bonus OSCE cases are also included. Most importantly, answers are supplemented by numerous comments and explanations to ensure further understanding and learning of new concepts. These comments are truly the keystone of Canadian Pharmacy Exams™. We trust that each Canadian Pharmacy Exams™ book is a valuable learning and self-assessment tool towards Canadian Pharmacy licensure. The following publication is now available at Amazon: Canadian Pharmacy Exams™ – Pharmacist OSCE Workbook Thank you to all contributing reviewers!