LIVRO California Forms of Jury Instruction, Volume 6 PDF



Volume 6 in the set. The most comprehensive and comprehensible jury instructions for use in California civil litigation is now available.Streamline the Drafting Process. California Forms of Jury Instruction contains clear, authoritative guidelines that will speed and simplify your drafting tasks in many areas of civil litigation. With hundreds of instructions already drafted for you, adapting instructions to the facts of your case is quick and easy. This publication includes all of the official Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI), which cover over 40 topics including Evidence, Contracts, Torts, Civil Rights, Eminent Domain, and much more. The publication also includes Matthew Bender specific jury instructions (MBs) that enhance CACI or cover areas of law that are not addressed by CACI, such as instructions relating to: •   Construction contracts •  Real property sales •  Business torts•  Debtor-creditor relations Make Instructions More Understandable to Jurors. Both the CACI and MB instructions are drafted to make them comprehensible to the average juror. Every chapter (whether a CACI or MB chapter) includes (1) actual, plain-English jury instructions; (2) directions for using the instructions; and (3) sources and authorities supporting the instructions. Most CACI chapters also include verdict forms. The publication is an excellent initial research tool, giving practitioners the ‘bottom line’ when evaluating a case, whether or not it ever goes to trial.