LIVRO Bioterrorism: An Update for Healthcare Professionals (English Edition) PDF NetCE



The purpose of this course is to address the various components of a bioterrorism attack and the appropriate responses required for a healthcare facility. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented.Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:1. Discuss the role of the medical professional in the event of a bioterrorism attack.2. Reflect on the history of bioterrorism.3. Identify the CDC categories of possible bioterror agents and diseases.4. Explain the types of dispersion.5. Compare available bacterial agents, their diagnosis, and treatment procedures, and how they could be used during a bioterrorist attack.6. Analyze viral agents with the potential for bioterrorist use, including smallpox and viral hemorrhagic fevers.7. Evaluate biologic toxins and how they might be used in biowarfare.8. Apply a disaster plan for acts of terrorism that involve biologic weapons, including considerations for non-English-proficient populations.This 5-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.