LIVRO Become Your Own Consultant: The Dentist’s Primer: Learning to Lead Your Team & Brand Your Practice Successfully (English Edition) PDF Alexa Chilcutt



You graduated from dental school, not Wharton School of Business. They trained you to a high level of technical competency rather than prepare you to enjoy the practice of dentistry by effectively managing people, processes, and a personal brand. The truth is, owning and running your own dental practice can prove to be both personally fulfilling and professionally profitable. This Become Your Own Consultant Primer was created to give you the tools to lead with confidence! It includes a collection of practice management articles and their “real-life” applications compiled in a manner that introduces you to proven leadership and branding strategies. Since 2009, Debbie Druey, MBA and Alexa Chilcutt, Ph.D. have published 17 articles and designed numerous leadership development, team accountability, and branding workshops. The goal here is to provide objective “how-to” resources in an easily accessible format. This primer for Becoming Your Own Consultant is for the practicing dentist who wants to lead effectively and market strategically. This resource is broken into three overarching areas: Leadership Best Practices, Team Buy-In, and Strategy & Branding (a.k.a Impression Management / “Touchpoint Choreography” ©).