LIVRO Autism, Enzymes and the Brimstone Demons: 100 Million Lives, 100 Trillion Dollars (English Edition) PDF Rick Williams



This book examines the chemical and genetic markers of autism. These markers affect 3/4 of those with autism and include sulfur compounds in urine, dysfunctional vitamin B6 metabolism and mutations to the MOCOS gene. The steady rise of sulfite preservatives in food and drugs is explored along with a decline in available sulfate. The book postulates that these oxides of sulfur are the triggers that cause autism for those with defects in the MOCOS gene. Strategies to prevent autism and/or relieve symptoms are presented in detail. Estrogen chemistry is discussed as the reason for a lopsided boy-girl ratio. And public water systems are linked to variations in the rate of autism across the country.The ideas of this book are based on medical research but are not proven facts, just a theory. The presentation is written for a general audience but the material is highly technical. It is not a light read but I hope it will be an informative read.