LIVRO Autism, Dysbiosis, and the Gut-Brain Axis: An Excerpt from “Deciphering the Gut-Brain Axis in Clinical Practice” from the postgraduate program “Human Microbiome … & Functional Inflammology) (English Edition) PDF Alex Vasquez



Book updated on September 16, 2017: “Autism, Dysbiosis, and the Gut-Brain Axis” is a short focused excerpt from “Deciphering the Gut-Brain Axis in Clinical Practice” which itself is excerpted from Dr Vasquez’s postgraduate medical education program “Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease.” This excerpt is edited and embellished from the transcript of the original video with several additional sections to cover important topics such as brain inflammation, vaccination, antibiotic interventions, and more. The ebook includes many hyperlinks to provide direct access to important articles, news, and videos.