LIVRO A Homeopathic Proving of Ficus Macrophylla (Fi-my): Moreton Bay Fig (Experience of Medicine | Hahnemannian Provings Book 1) (English Edition) PDF Alastair C Gray



This Hahnemannian proving of Ficus mycrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) was conducted in 1999 in Sydney Australia, at Nature Care College. Alastair Gray was the Principle Investigator. ‘When it came to the Nature Care College proving for 1999, I felt it was important to have as one of the possible options, an Australian tree, one with an immediate identification in the Australian psyche, one with a traditional medical use, one with an immediate toxicity if taken crude, one that had not been logged at any point in its history’. This manual includes a description of the research method, the provers, the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the botanical context of the substance, the full proving document, extracted themes and symptoms, rubrics and references.