LIVRO 20 Tips, Pointers & Lessons For Sales Leaders: Insights on Leadership, People & Strategy (English Edition) PDF Fred Corsentino



The twenty useful insights are directed at Sales Leaders in all industries and at all levels of experience. This book was written to help Sales Leaders make their number, nothing more and nothing less. Each of the twenty insights can be read on a stand-alone basis or the book can be read in its entirety like any other business book. The topics chosen apply to Sales Leaders in all areas of B2B sales and many can be applied to B2C companies as well. Sales Leadership is under attack in many sectors with the advent of sales automation tools and platforms. Sales Process has trumped Sales Leadership in many companies. In order to be successful in today’s complex selling environment, Sales Leaders need to blend their time and priorities appropriately between these two areas in order to deliver the desired results. Hopefully this book will get you one step closer to that success.