LIVRO 10 Practical Habits to a Highly Successful Life: Your not so common self-help book to guide you to live the life you want tomorrow (English Edition) PDF Brendan Zyler



Go shopping, use your mobile often and BE LAZY to achieve success! Yes! You read it right. You don’t need an eye check.The ability to work so as not to work requires more than being loaded with theoretical information concerning wealth creation patterns.  There are too many of such teachings all over the world, and many are becoming bored of reading the same information over and over again. “10 Practical Habits to a Highly Successful Life” has been written to create leverage.This book is not about reading between the lines. It gives you a 180 degree flip on what the world has perceived as negative or unacceptable habits to achieve success. All it takes is for you to believe you can and see the world with “fresh eyes.”Start now and start right where you are. You can do it! Work towards not working!